Thirty Communists Agree

thirty communists agree
after much deliberation
and spokescouncil meetings
and disputes surrounding
tactics and symbolic action
versus concrete movement
to build a new monument
which will be located at the
exact midpoint on an
imaginary line drawn between
the grave of karl marx and
that of emma goldman which
will consist of a large clenched
bronze fist aimed heavenward
in order to ease certain
historical disagreements
and commemorate the
birth of a new ‘tendency’
with a three-letter acronym
and black-and-red logo
involving a circle drawn
around some letter or
something and during the
labor-intensive conceptualization
of this monolith created to
celebrate a landmark
achievement for left-wing
emancipatory political projects
worldwide several million
wives and fathers and
coworkers yawn and stretch
and walk in and out of buildings
and consume cold breakfast
cereal with neutral facial
expressions and are not
affected in any way by
the existence or non-existence
of a giant metallic fist
rising up from the middle
of the dreary northern waters
of the atlantic ocean

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