Other people’s writing, formatted into zines.

A handful of album reviews at the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO Weekly).

My writing at Athwart:

At The Point Magazine:

At the Chronicle Review:

At Breaking Ground:

At The New Atlantis:

At Tablet Magazine:

  • The Boomer Baffle Battle Book“: on Boomers by Helen Andrews and how the Me Generation plays fall guy for the foolishness of their elders
  • The High Church of Wokeism“: on how the history of the Unitarian Universalist Association prefigures the postmillennial culture of bureaucratically-enforced political correctness

At The Bellows:

At Washington Examiner:

At Comment:

  • Death and Forgiveness“: on my father’s troubled life and death, and how an exploration into the history and philosophy of forgiveness convinced me of the Christian truth

A few podcasts I’ve been a guest on:

  • Phronesis,” with fellow Athwart editors Bradley Davis and Will Lombardo: we talked about Ivan Illich’s 1983 lecture “Silence is a Commons”
  • Sacred and Profane Love,” with Jennifer Frey: we talked about my Breaking Ground piece “Toward the Renewal of Humanistic Education in America,” the problems of academic liberal arts, and what Ivan Illich gets right and wrong about institutionalized education
  • Manifesto!“, with Jacob Siegel and Phil Klay: we talked about Nicolas Gomez Dávila’s “The Authentic Reactionary” and Chaim Grade’s “My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner
  • ex.haust,” with Emmett Penney: we talked about my Tablet article on Unitarian Universalism, the tangled course of cultural transmission, and how we might get back to making a decent world with one another